For the office

749,00 kr 832,00 kr saving 83,00 kr
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For the office

749,00 kr 832,00 kr saving 83,00 kr
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Pioneering product with many benefits. Many viruses and bacteria are transmitted through hand-to-hand contact as well as through contact with surfaces. Good hygiene is therefore essential to ensure that the chains of infection are broken.

This office pack contains 6 x 200 ml and 2 x 5 litre bottles so that every last corner of your office will have access to hand disinfectant and so you can refill your smaller bottles whenever they run empty. What’s more, you save DKK 83 when you purchse this pack.


Safe2Touch hand disinfectant contains water (as a carrier), active substance (bactericide) and glycerine (to soften the skin).

Kills bacteria and viruses

Our hand sanitisers are non-alcoholic and have demonstrated considerable effect against bacteria and viruses when tested in accordance with European standards.

Dermatologically tested

Safe2Touch passes dermatological 24-hour tests which alcohol-based products do not.

Thoroughly tested and certified

Proven effect in accordance with European standards by accredited independent laboratories.

Unscented and neutral

Out of consideration to your skin, Safe2Touch is unscented. This means there is no risk of an allergic reaction to the perfume and the product is thus suitable for a broader range of users.

Easy to store and transport

Alcohol-based products are flammable and must therefore be stored and transported with great care. Because Safe2Touch is water-based, it does not have this problem. It is therefore much easier to transport and store safely and securely than alcohol-based alternatives available on the market.