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We can proudly declare that Safe2Touch is one of the few manufacturers of hand disinfectant with permission to display the AllergyCertified logo! This means that both the formula and documentation for our water-based hand disinfectant have been subjected to thorough review and declared skin-friendly. This is wonderful news for all those many hands that are being disinfected on a daily basis against coronavirus.

AllergyCertified is an internationally recognised certification system founded in Denmark in 2015. Safe2Touch’s products have been reviewed by an AllergyCertified toxicologist who has looked carefully at each and every ingredient in the product and undertaken a risk assessment. AllergyCertified places strict requirements on the information they receive from product manufacturers.
AllergyCertified certifies products all over the world to help consumers select skin-friendly products. So whenever you see the AllergyCertified logo on Safe2Touch’s products you can rest assured that the risk of allergy will be as low as it possibly can.

When you see AllergyCertified you can be sure that:
  • The product entails the lowest possible risk of allergy. An experienced toxicologist has reviewed the product for allergenic properties.
  • Sample tests have been performed by an external lab.
  • Each ingredient has been assessed individually based on its overall concentration within the product.
  • The product does not contain any substances suspected of having endocrine-disrupting effects. An experienced toxicologist has reviewed the product for endocrine-disruptors.
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