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Virus-killing hand disinfection

Liquid hand disinfection aims to kill bacteria and viruses and is, in a time of pandemics, a necessary safeguard against the spread of infection. However, not all hand disinfection is as effective as infection control and some disinfectants are directly harmful to the skin with prolonged use and continuous application. To protect consumers from unhealthy disinfectants, we sell a revolutionary disinfectant in many ways that kills all bacteria and viruses, but at the same time is gentle on the skin.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer dries out the skin, leading to allergic reactions such as redness, itching, eczema and open sores. Safe2Touch is a thoroughly tested and well-documented, water-based hand disinfectant that eradicates bacteria and viruses, without damaging and compromising the health of the skin. Safe2Touch is documented according to European standards and kills 99.99% of coronavirus.

Danish-produced hand disinfectant with a documented effect 

With an alcohol-free alternative to hand alcohol, the negative side effects of ordinary hand alcohol are avoided without diminishing the virus-killing effect. Safe2Touch has been thoroughly tested according to European standards and is dermatologically tested. In even the same dermatological 24-hour test, the traditional hand sanitizer is not approved in. Safe2Touch hand sanitizer contains water (as a carrier), active substance (virus and bactericidal) and glycerin (to soften the skin).

Safe2touch's water-based hand sanitizer is: 

- Virus-killing and kills coronavirus

- Unscented and alcohol-free, which reduces an allergic reaction

- Easy to apply - Thoroughly tested by accredited laboratory with well-documented effect

- Documented according to 3 European standards; EN1500, EN14476, EN13727

- Emollient for the skin, due to its glycerin content

- Dermatologically tested and does not sting

- Produced in Denmark

- Not flammable

- Odorless

Gentle and non-alcoholic hand sanitizer 

During the Corona pandemic, the health authorities' recommendation has been to apply rubbing alcohol repeatedly during the day. This has resulted in several Danes experiencing the negative effects of hand alcohol in the form of eg skin irritation and skin eczema. This has meant that consumers have had to stop their use of hand alcohol and therefore have not been able to protect themselves against the corona virus to the same extent. Disadvantages of hand alcohol leading to a user stop are a major risk factor in the fight against the corona virus and other infectious viruses. Many Danes have demanded an alternative to the alcohol-based hand sanitizer, since soap and ordinary hand washing are not available in all public places or on the go. 

By using Safe2Touch, consumers can protect themselves against corona infection and other enveloping viruses, without risking hand eczema or other skin irritation. With our water-based hand disinfectant, consumers can maintain a high level of hygiene and at the same time protect the skin's protective fat layer. The water-based product resembles foam before application on the hands, leaving a feeling of clean hands.  

The smell of hand alcohol is unpleasant for many consumers and in the worst case leads to an opt-out of using hand sanitizer to the extent recommended by the authorities. A large proportion of consumers prefer an odorless hand sanitizer, which Safe2Touch takes into account as the hand sanitizer is based on water rather than alcohol. Consumers in particular who have a perfume allergy or particularly sensitive skin will be able to use Safe2Touch to their advantage, as the product does not contain perfume either.  

Hand disinfection for good hygiene on hands and at home 

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is flammable, which means it is risky to transport and have at home. Alcohol-based alcohol can lead to serious burns to people and materials if stored or used in the vicinity of open flames, e.g. barbecue, candles, cigarettes, etc. Water-based hand sanitizers such as Safe2Touch are a safe, non-flammable alternative. The product can therefore be applied in all situations and in all kinds of environments without posing a risk to the consumer.

Alcohol-based hand alcohol also poses a danger to children who accidentally ingest the drug. Hand alcohol is dangerous for both children and adults to consume, and can lead to serious injuries. Water-based hand disinfectant such as Safe2Touch should not be ingested, but as the product is water-based, the consequences of ingestion are not serious.

Children's skin is particularly sensitive to chemicals, which is why Safe2Touch is a good alternative to the alcohol-based hand sanitizer for children. In 2020, it has been documented on several occasions that the increased application of rubbing alcohol has led to violent reactions on the skin, to which no one should be exposed.

Liquid hand sanitizer that effectively kills bacteria 

Safe2Touch is a Danish-made hand disinfectant that kills 99.99% of coronavirus. The agent is a virus and bactericidal foam applied to the hands, in the same situations where an alcohol-based rubbing alcohol would be used.

However, the water-based foam has many advantages, as the product is fragrance-free and thus odorless. The product leaves the hands slightly damp, which diminishes shortly after application. Safe2Touch hand sanitizer contains water (as a carrier), active substance (virus and bactericidal) and glycerin (to soften the skin). This means that the hand disinfectant naturally cares for the skin's protective layer of fat and minimizes the risk of skin irritation.

Safe2Touch is produced in Denmark and is developed by CleanSolve. Safe2Touch is a suitable hand disinfectant for both private and business contexts. With several product solutions, all needs for hand disinfection are covered with Safe2Touch.

Hand disinfectant for many occasions   

Safe2Touch is sold from 5 liters and down to travel-friendly sizes that can be carried on flights. Larger cans of the hand sanitizer can be purchased with advantage, which can be used to fill smaller Safe2Touch containers. In this way, hand disinfectant is always available in the home, office, common areas, institutions, etc.

On this page you will find Safe2Touch packages for both the small and large family. In a package is a larger can and a number of smaller containers, which can be put in bags, school bags, the car, etc. With a larger container of Safe2Touch, it is easy to fill smaller containers, and ensure that the whole family can maintain a high level of hygiene outside the home. This reduces the risk of a family member carrying the corona virus or other infectious viruses home.