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Hand disinfection vs Hand alcohol


Safe2Touch comes on the market with a groundbreaking product that kills coronavirus with a proven effect. The product is gentle on the hands while at the same time having a wide range of benefits when compared to hand sanitizer. 

In an article written by TV2, it is highlighted that there have been no less than 160 inquiries about hand alcohol, most of which are about people who have ingested the product, and the rest have gotten it in the eyes. A record number of inquiries are unfortunately about children. 

Safe2Touch is more secure, gentle and efficient

Safe2Touch hand disinfectant contains water (as a carrier), active substance (bactericidal) and glycerin (to soften the skin). In a 24-hour dermatological test, Safe2Touch consists where alcohol-based products do not. 

Alcoholic substances are explosive and flammable wherever they are stored. There have been several examples of fire injuries and fatalities. This will not happen with Safe2Touch, as the product is water-based and therefore not flammable. 

Another thing you often hear about rubbing alcohol is that it dehumidifies / degreases the hands, which gives dry skin and thereby also skin eczema. When using Safe2Touch, the hands are not degreased, which means that the use of hand cream is not necessary.

Professor and specialist in dermatology Jørgen Serup: It is reprehensible when the authorities persistently put the Danish population to use rubbing alcohol when there are other options that work better.

Read Jørgen Serup's statements: 
Click here to read at BT
Click here to read at JyllandsPosten

Benefits of using Safe2Touch:

  • Safe2Touch removes 99.99% of coronavirus.
  • Alcohol-free, and when tested according to European standards, a great effect against bacteria and viruses has been demonstrated.
  • Safe2Touch is gentle on the skin and can be used indefinitely for daily hand hygiene - completely without unpleasant skin nuisances.
  • The product contains glycerin which cares for and moisturizes the skin.
  • Safe2Touch does not smell of alcohol, as it is not alcohol-based, but is a water-based biocidal product that is naturally odorless.
  • For the sake of the skin, Safe2Touch is fragrance-free (No risk of allergic reaction)
  • Documented effect according to European standards of accredited independent laboratories: EN 1500, EN 13727, EN 14476, Dermatologically tested



Safe2Touch safety data sheet - click here


Source: https://nyheder.tv2.dk/samfund/2020-07-17-usaedvanligt-mange-danskere-drikker-haandsprit


Oct 15, 2020 • Posted by Safe2Touch

Hej Bo!

Tusind tak for din kommentar.

Det kan godt benyttes i en alm dispenser. Safe2touch er stadig tyndtflydende selvom det indeholder glycerin, så det kan ikke sammenlignes med gel.


Oct 15, 2020 • Posted by Bo Mouritsen

Hej med Jer.
Vi har spritstandere i Kulturhuset. Kan se, at I har glycerin i Jeres produkt. Kan vi så bruge Jeres produkt, eller er det at sammenligne med Gel sprit? Det kræver nemlig nogle andre doseringshoveder.
Vh. Bo

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